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Mickael’s Bakehouse is a modern Strategist & Organisational Consultancy Business for the baking industry, offering expert knowledge and experience together with a strong passion for artisan goods and products that are a true reflection of what nature intended. With over 30 years of experience in the industry working for market leaders, Mickael Jahan has a proven track record training individuals, innovating new product lines, upgrading existing ones and securing multi million pound contracts.

Representing United Kingdom at the Bakery World Cup 2012, Mickael’s artisan skills are at the top of his league.

From small artisan bakeries to boutique houses and multi-national companies in Europe & Asia, Mickael has continually facilitated client needs in bringing to them fresh ideas and solutions whilst remaining commercial.

Here in his own company Mickael provides bespoke solutions to any bakery operation that shares his vision of producing high quality goods using natural ingredients. His natural flare for ahead of trend concepts make him a market leader in his field. A persistant advocate of improving the provenance of bakery goods.

Baking classes available for:

Learn to bake decorative bread

Bread Baking

Learn French bread baking skills

French Bread

Learn how to bake famous Italian breads

Italian Bread

Classes for speciality bread

Speciality Bread

Learn how to make decorative breads

Decorative Bread

Discover the secrets of sourdough bread

Sourdough Bread

Learn to bake Viennese pastries

Viennese Pastry

Brioche baking classes

Brioche Dough

British baking classes

British Buns

Modern Tarts Classes

Modern Tarts

Learn to cook the perfect quiche


Class for baking festive treats

Festive Treats

Learn the secrets of baking like a professional!

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Michael Jahan provides a baking consultancy service.

Mickael Jahan's Consultancy Service

London based – Available for UK and international assignments
Languages: Bilingual English / French

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